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Fox Canyon Trail boasts a spectacular view of Ojai at the expense of only a moderately difficult hike. Accessible parking and proximity to the trailhead also make this a top choice for day hiking around the city. Navigating the trail is simple and follows a clockwise direction along the landscape, but also forks off into other trails for returning visitors who wish to change their route. Beautiful wild flowers are abundant on the path and provide many good photo opportunities while hiking this impressive man made trail embedded on the hillside. Hiking to the peak is a rewarding experience and offers one of the best views of Ojai Valley. 


This trail is accessible to hikers of all experience levels and parking is conveniently located at the end of Signal Street where the unpaved Shelf Road begins. There is a kiosk that marks the beginning of Fox Canyon Road and the Valley View Preserve. A few trails are part of this preserve and can be seen on the map at the kiosk. Fox Canyon Trail was built in six months and is 1.75 miles long. The trail is on an incline and has switchbacks that provide a good workout for those looking to get exercise at a faster pace while hiking. Many visitors enjoy completing this hike with family, friends and dogs on a leash. Fox Canyon Trail is a great hike to take into the Valley View Preserve and is easy to get back taking the same path. 


Those looking for alternate routes to the summit of the Valley View Preserve may prefer to take the Pratt Trail that can be reached from the parking area for a less steep ascent that meets at the summit with other trails. Another option for visitors is to take the Pratt Trail as a way back after completing the Fox Canyon Trail by turning left onto the Foothill Trail once at the top. Turning right onto Foothill in the other direction will allow hikers to descend onto Luci’s Trail as another way back to the Trailhead. Luci’s Trail can also be taken as a way up and starts just east of the Fox Canyon Trail. It is a shorter but more intense climb with more switchbacks and steeper incline. 


As an introduction to hiking, the Fox Canyon Trail is perfect for beginners and leads to exploring many other paths close to downtown Ojai. The Valley View Preserve is on the border of the Los Padres National Forest and includes the Fox Canyon, Foothill and Luci’s Trails that were in part built by volunteers. There are plenty of sign posts and trail markers to help those who are new to the trail and more experienced hikers may enjoy identifying different native wildflowers on each outing. Hiking is a welcoming diversion in Ojai and offers a new perspective of the city when admiring Ojai valley from the top of the trails. Fox Canyon Trail in Ojai is beloved by many and continues to be a protected ecosystem for future visitors of the Valley View Preserve.

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