Nocciola restaurant near Su Nido Inn
There are many great options for eating out that are in close walking distance to the Su Nido Inn
at any time of the day. Among the top ranked places nearby are Bonnie Lu’s, Ojai Pizza
Company and The Nest restaurants. Whether you are craving comfort food or a nice place to
have a drink, these three options will certainly satisfy your appetite while staying in the heart of
downtown Ojai. Making reservations and looking at the menu ahead of time can make for a
more pleasant experience before deciding on a spot for dinner after a long day of activities. Plan
ahead with these favorite places to dine out while enjoying your visit in downtown Ojai.

Start your day out with a breakfast at Bonnie Lu’s that will keep you energized throughout your
busy day of traveling. Options for breakfast include omelettes, pancakes and croissants to name
a few. Compliment your early meal with an iced coffee, tea or juice to give you an additional
boost of energy before starting your day. If you’re not as much of an early riser, Bonnie Lu’s is
also convenient for brunch with choices of sandwiches, burgers and salads. This is a very child
friendly diner with a kid’s menu and desserts. Adults may be interested in the beer and wine
menu throughout the day while relaxing on vacation.

Ojai Pizza Company is a family owned and operated restaurant that deserves a visit during your
stay. Enjoy pizza in three different styles (regular, thin or pan) with different toppings or other
classic Italian dishes like a delicious customized calzone. This family business was started over
30 years ago and continues to thrive with another location in Oak View as well. The downtown
Ojai Pizza Company is in walking distance from the Su Nido Inn and situated in the heart of
downtown Ojai where patrons can order a slice and one of many drinks to go along with their

The Nest is an eclectic restaurant in downtown Ojai that has attracted much attention by the
media recently with positive reviews from Sunset, 805 and SoCal Wanderer magazines. Taking
pride in sourcing local ingredients, The Nest uses local produce, organic and sustainable
ingredients in their dishes. With a menu that is constantly being updated, you’ll continue to be
surprised by the offerings of hand crafted special plates and beverages. If you are a fish lover,
try the smoked salmon caesar salad or fresh calamari tacos. The Nest is also known for their
expertly mixed drinks like the Oaxaca containing pineapple ginger turmeric shrub, lime hibiscus
sea salt, madre mezcal and angelisco reposado tequila. Feel free to bring kids to this spot with
child’s portions and lots of cool merch to take home!
Choosing a restaurant during your stay at the Su Nido Inn is made easy with many highly rated
restaurants within walking distance for the whole family. Food pickup is simplified online and
enjoying the ambience of a restaurant while dining in can be especially fun for travelers to
become fully immersed in the culture of their food choice. Eating out is an essential part of
successful vacation planning and traveling is just more fulfilling when choosing your food
becomes part of your adventures!

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